Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward

The world has been shaken lately. It’s safe to say that many people are going through a lot right now and panic and fear are beginning to circulate if they haven’t already. Never in my life did I imagine that I would be living in an age where there would be a world wide health pandemic. And yet, here I am.

When news of this virus first got out, I didn’t think it would become a huge thing. I assumed that it would stay in the country it first came from. But then it started spreading to the surrounding countries. Then to farther countries. Then to even farther countries. And now, here we are. School closings, event cancelations, loss of jobs, state border closings, and more that I don’t want to list.

Even though I worry for my job and future prospects afterward, one of the things I never felt through all of this was fear. And there’s loads of fear mongering going on; so much to fear of the unknown. But for some reason I didn’t feel it. Because why be scared over something that I can’t control anyway? The most I can do is remain calm, be smart, and keep living my life. Even if that means living it with some limitations.

Over the past two years I have personally been through so much, with unhappiness and confusion always the frontrunners of my mind. After coming back from my year abroad in South Korea, I have had so much mental peace that I just can’t even pretend to be scared. This might sound silly but after packing your bags and heading to a country where you know absolutely nobody, can’t speak the local language, get placed in a rural hodunk town at the base of the country, and even battle the dreaded winter flu for four days…well, you feel pretty invincible after that lol.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, you have to stay positive through all of this. Look for the facts if you want them but don’t feed into the hyped frenzy. If you are someone who has been sick or know someone who is sick, please be smart and do what you need to do to get healthy again. Be smart and make wise decisions. Don’t put others in jeopardy because you want to be selfish. Take this seriously. And for those like myself who currently no longer have a job or your job status is up in the air, try not to panic.

I am lucky that I do not have a family to stress over and take care of. But I know that not everyone can say that. I think in this time, it’s important to find the positives in your personal situation. In a time of so much panic, even the little things matter.

I found this post while scrolling through my social media the other day:

I can’t agree with this anymore than I already do. In the midst of not having control over some of the major things in our lives, it’s important to take control of the things we can. One of the things that we as working adults and students ask for is MORE TIME. Welp, now we have it. It’s up to you how you make use of this time.

For me, I plan on reading more, writing more, working on improving my book blog, and start bettering myself in my other hobbies such as drawing. Having business ideas aren’t foreign to me and I have already started creating my own business plan.

Reclaim your time and do what you need to do.

Aside from all of this, living in rural Korea has taught me to role with the punches, slow down, and simply take more joy in the little things. My little thing? Nature. I love looking into my mother’s yard and seeing a bird perched on her fence. I can’t help but crouch down and stare at the little ladybug crawling over a single blade of grass. And those beautiful trees starting to bloom? Take out your camera and capture it.

That’s what I do now. I find the beauty and I keep moving forward.

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