Language Learning Goals

Language Learning Goals

I am someone that has wanted to learn different languages ever since I was very young. I remember Brazil being the very first country I ever wanted to travel to and Brazilian Portuguese being the first language I ever wanted to learn. My interest in the country was completely random. I had a teacher in middle school named Mr. Brazil and later on in 9th grade, there was a girl in my class named Belize but I kept mistaking her for Brazil also. Yikes, lol. I guess I still had Brazil on the brain.

When I heard that my teacher’s name was Brazil, I did what most other kids did and asked, “Isn’t that a country?”. He said yes and boom, my interest for the country and language was born.

I am much older now but my desire to learn languages hasn’t changed. When Spanish became a mandatory subject, I thought I was going to be fluent. Until I realized something…

I wasn’t good at Spanish. It took me way too long to catch on to things and the chapters were being blown through way too fast for me to catch up. I also had no passion for it because of the way it was taught in school. My high school didn’t even offer Spanish until junior year. Not to mention my Spanish teacher was an extremely mean Puerto Rican lady that I’m convinced hated kids.

Then I was forced to take two more years in college which was just as much of a whirlwind as high school. By the time I finished, my passion for Spanish was dead. And although I still want to know how to speak Spanish (I have tons of Spanish language books), the dead passion has yet to be revived. I think I’ve been scarred from my experiences.

Fast forward to randomly searching for Asian dramas because they were all the rage at the time and I stumbled upon Thailand. Thailand took a hold of me in a way that I was not expecting. The sound of the language, the beautiful landscape, the fact that they have a King. It was all so cool to me and still is. I went on a researching deep dive about King Bhumibol Adulyadej (who was an amazing person by the way) and the moment I first heard the Thai language I knew I just had to learn it. So I skipped the dramas and became hooked on Thailand as a whole.

Then came Korea. And this site does a great job at sharing my experiences with the country. Although I have had my struggles with Korea, I find myself drawn to certain parts of it and now that I am home, my desire to learn the language is stronger than before.

So here I am with all these languages I want to learn and FINALLY the means to try and make it happen.

Brazilian Portuguese. Thai. Korean.

It’s going to be quite the journey but hey, we have to start somewhere, right?

It’s the end of the year 2019 and by the end of 2020, I want to be able to converse in all three languages. I would like to be lower intermediate for Korean, hold simple conversation in Thai, and be upper beginner in Brazilian Portuguese. I am giving myself a head start for the whole “new year’s resolution” thing, but that’s okay.

Cheers to language learning 🙂

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