New year, new travel destinations

New year, new travel destinations

Happy New Year everyone! The second half of 2019 completely flew by for me. We say this every year but wow, is it really a new year? I’ve already done my year-long reflections so I won’t babble on about that here. Something that has been occupying my mind now though, is where shall I go next?

I’m very interested in traveling and visiting more countries. While I was in Korea, I was able to take my winter vacation in Thailand and it was the most amazing experience ever! After having the opportunity to visit Thailand and live in Korea, my desire to see more of the world has increased. So, where to next??

Well, I don’t know yet. But here are the top countries on my list.


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Japan has some of the most beautiful scenery that I have ever seen in photographs. Something that I absolutely want to do before I am old and gray is visit Japan in the Spring time to see the cherry blossom trees bloom.

I have always loved nature, even as a child, and living in Korea for a year made me fall head over heels in love with nature again. So seeing all the mountains, gardens, palaces, and cherry blossom trees in Japan is something that I would absolutely love to experience.


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I am most definitely drawn to warmer weather. Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons as well. So, warm weather, sunshine, beaches? Bring it on! I currently have a friend living in Hawaii and I would like to visit before she leaves.

I also have an interest in Hawaiian culture and language and want to learn more about it. I was introduced to Hawaiian culture through Lilo & Stitch and hula dancing. I knew there was definitely more to Hawaii than this so I started looking up more things about Hawaii and kinda fell in love. Something on my bucket list is to attend a Merrie Monarch Festival in the near future.


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Brazil is a country that I have had in interest in ever since I was around the age of 14. I don’t even really know where it came from but the desire to visit hasn’t died down at all. I want to try Brazilian food, attend a carnival, lounge on the beach, and learn Brazilian portuguese. It would be great if I could travel with someone to this country as I wouldn’t want to go alone. But Brazil is definitely top on my list of countries to visit.


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Taiwan is another country with absolutely breathtaking landcapes and mountains. it is a dream of mine to visit Taiwan to hike a mountain and visit a cave. East Asia has some of the most beautiful land in my opinion and I find that nature is one of the major things that attract me to new countries. I am also down to eat some Taiwanese food and take a language class or two 🙂

Where do you all want to go in the near future?

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