Thai Food Explorations

Thai Food Explorations

I know the majority of the world is still shut down and closed off to travelers, but I wanted to share about a restaurant I went to while visiting Connecticut before the whole world came to a screeching halt.

So, a while back, I stayed with a friend of mine in Connecticut. On my first night there, she asked me to think about what I wanted to eat for dinner and gave me a list of options. One of the options was Thai food, and me being the adventurous eater that I am, I wanted to give it a try. At the time, I had never had Thai food before. The closest I’ve ever had to Thai food was Lao fried rice at a small spot in New Haven (which was actually a Thai restaurant but I chose a Lao dish for some reason??). But this time around, I wanted the real deal. Thai food.

So the restaurant we went to was called Chiangmai Thai Restaurant. It’s a cozy little restaurant with a very small exterior; I almost passed it while walking there. The place is owned by Thais and they make authentic Thai food which I was extremely happy about!

I ordered the Wonton Pad Thai.

And my friend ordered the Pad Sriracha.

The wonton pad thai was incredibly tasty! Nothing too overpowering, but had just enough flavor that made me dance a little jig in my seat lol. It was also much more food than I thought I was going to get. You get a lot of wontons burried in your noodles too! In the dish, you get tons of noodles (perfectly cooked), fried eggs, vegetables, bean sprouts (which I’ve always hated), and crushed peanuts in a little pile on the side of the plate. I squeezed the lemon over my food (which really didn’t make much difference to the taste), mixed it all together, and dug in! The wontons are large and actually stayed fairly crispy while I ate too.

I was only able to finish about half of my food because there was so much on the plate. So, I ended up taking my leftovers to go (but only do this if you want soggy leftover wontons lol)

My friend allowed me to taste her dish and while I thought it was tasty, I felt like mine was better lol. Since it is cooked in sriracha sauce, it is a little spicy. But I like spicy food so it wasn’t too much for me. One thing I wasn’t a fan of was the huge, flat noodles. They were too large and a bit too soft for my taste. Maybe they were cooked too long. Maybe that’s just how the noodles are, but I wasn’t a huge fan.

For desert, we shared the fried ice cream.

I have never in life had fried ice cream and I just can’t understand the concept. How do you fry ice cream? But it turned out to be really good! The crust was perfectly crispy; not oily and soggy, nor was it too hard. The ice cream in the center was still cold and fairly firm too. The entire dish is such a contradiction, I was in awe the entire time I was eating it lol.

It was super delicious, but I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that it actually felt unhealthy. You know those dishes where after you are done eating, you’re filled with a sense of “maybe I should not have eaten that…”? That’s the feeling I got after eating this. I can’t imagine had I eaten the whole thing by myself. It’s definitely only a ‘once in a while’ type of desert because it made me feel really heavy and sluggish afterward.

But that was my first real venture into Thai food! It was tasty and if I ever visit Connecticut again, I will definitely get wonton pad Thai again.


166  Church Street

Naugatuck, CT 06770

Open everyday except Mondays

Sundays, only open from 4 – 9:30pm Other days, open from 11:30 – 10pm (hours may or may not have changed due to covid restrictions)

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