T-minus 14 Days & Getting My Visa

T-minus 14 Days & Getting My Visa

So if it wasn’t official before, it’s definitely official now!

My visa came in the mail today and I didn’t expect to get as excited as I did. I was actually running up the stairs and jumping around my room. This was the message I sent my mom and sister:

I also went to the bank today to place an order to have my money exchanged to Korean Won. I had to go to two different branches because the branch nearest me, their system for requesting foreign currency was down. And at the second branch, the people just couldn’t get the correct Asian currency. I called ahead and said I needed my money changed to Won. Well the girl over the phone took one look at Chinese Yuan in the computer system and thought it was the same thing. So I get to the bank and the girl helping me asked me if I was changing my money into Yen.

Like, what??? By then I just wanted to scream. “I’m going to South Korea, people! I need Korean Won!”

This is already a nerve-racking situation. The idea of them possibly ordering the wrong currency was putting me a bit on edge, but I remained cool, calm, and collected.

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In the end, we got it all figured out and I will be receiving my Korean Won very shortly.

Before, it was all feeling a bit surreal. But after receiving my visa and placing the order for my Won, it has all hit me like a ton of bricks. I am actually going to be moving to another country…

…with no family.

…and no friends.

It’s scary to think about. But the good thoughts and fantasies consume my mind more than the negative ones. I have received such overwhelming support from my friends and family that it shocks me. I was expecting a lot more resistance than I actually received. Out of all the people I told, there was only one person that showed apprehension and that was my mother.

My lovely mama.

It’s gotta be scary for your child to tell you that they are packing up and leaving the country. But even with her apprehension, she has supported me. Not one person was negative about it and I know that there are many people who can’t say the same when they apply for EPIK and get accepted. I am beyond grateful, to say the least.

I guess that’s enough rambling for tonight. I’m currently typing this up at midnight as I sit in bed wearing a sheet mask. Hopefully I can sleep, but it’s kind of hard when your insides feel like this:

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Until next time ?

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  • Hey Lina, appreciate your kind words on my guestbook. I’m glad you found it helpful and I’m sure you’ll like Jeollanamdo! Feel free to get in touch when your arrive in Korea. Just search “Michael Goonan” in the “Jeollanamdo Teachers” Facebook group.

  • Just found your blog randomly searching, I’m excited to see how you enjoy rural life in Korea! I tried for this fall intake too but got waitlisted so I’m going for next spring instead. Good luck!

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